Rohit Sharma: He always used to be scared of me… Big words of Pakistani bowler Mohammad Amir about Rohit Sharma!

New Delhi: The current captain of the Indian team, Rohit Sharma, has given a statement before the T20 World Cup against Pakistan in 2016. At that time, Rohit Sharma had described Pakistan’s fast bowler Mohammad Amir as a simple bowler. Now almost 6 years after that, Amir has responded to Rohit’s statement. 30-year-old Mohammad Amir has retired from international cricket. Shortly before Rohit’s statement, Virat Kohli called Aamire a world class bowler.

What did Rohit Sharma say?
In the 2016 Asia Cup, Amir dismissed Rohit Sharma, Ajinkya Rahane and Suresh Raina in the opening spell itself. Because of which he was being discussed a lot before the Indo-Pak match in the T20 World Cup. To which Rohit Sharma had said, ‘Talking about him has already stopped. He is not the only bowler, Pakistan have five other bowlers who are doing well for them. There is just so much hype around him, I don’t think it would be right to give him too much hype after a match. He is good but he needs to prove it again and again. Now people are comparing him with Wasim Akram. He is just a simple bowler, if he does well someday he is good.

World class batsman
Now Mohammad Amir reacted to Rohit Sharma’s statement and called him a world class batsman. Aamir said in an interview, ‘I don’t take Rohit Sharma’s statement seriously. Everyone has their own opinion and it is impossible that everyone understands me as a world class bowler. There is nothing to feel bad about and as a professional we should not take such things in a negative way. You can’t be everyone’s favorite. There is no doubt that he is a world class batsman. Whenever I faced Rohit, I bowled well and he fought in front of me, still I would call him a world class player.