RIP: ‘Former Australian Player’ ர Andrew Symonds Sudden Death: How Do You Know?

Australian cricket legend Shane Warne has died of a heart attack a few months ago. At that time not only Australia but the world was in deep sorrow.

Meanwhile, another shocking news has come out for cricket fans. Former Australia captain Andrew Symonds, 46, has died in a car crash. The Queensland Police in Australia have confirmed that he was involved in a car accident at around 10:30 pm.

Killed on the spot!

He has traveled alone in the car. Preliminary investigations have revealed that the car lost control and rolled off the road. When the accident happened, the nearby public immediately went to help. However, it has been reported that Symonds was found dead.

Symonds was the leading all-rounder in the world from 1999-2009. He is his partner in both batting and bowling.

Symonds Record:

From 1998 to 2009, he scored 5088 runs and took 133 wickets in 198 ODIs. He has scored 1462 runs and taken 24 wickets in 26 Tests. He has scored 337 runs and taken 8 wickets in 14 T20 matches. Deccan Georges played for Mumbai Indians in the IPL. It is noteworthy that he has been doing commentary work since retiring from cricket.