Ricky Ponting Health Issue: Ricky Ponting has a health issue while doing commentary! Run to the hospital immediately!

Ricky Ponting Health Issue: Australia Cricket‌ Legend‌ Ricky Ponting‌ It is reported that he was hospitalized. Cricket‌ He fell ill while doing commentary. Hutahutini went to the hospital after showing some symptoms. Currently, it is known that his health condition is stable.

Currently West Indies‌ Cricket‌ The team is touring Australia. Perth The venue is playing the first test against the host team. Ricky Ponting‌ channel‌ 7 is working as a commentator. Third Day Cricket‌ He got embarrassed while commenting. He informed his colleagues who were there and went to the hospital. It is known that he told them that he is fine now and that he is going to the hospital cautiously as his body is not cooperating.

Update: Ricky Ponting taken to hospital following a heart scare while he was commenting on the #AUSvWI Test in Perth. Hopefully he’s fine and will fully recover.

— Farid Khan (@_FaridKhan) December 2, 2022

‘Ricky Ponting‌ fell ill. Today’s Match Cricket‌ will not comment’ said the channel‌ 7 spokesperson told the media. ‘Saturday Ponting‌ Can’t say now whether it will come or not. Don’t know if they will be available for the rest of the match’ said the channel‌ said the spokesperson.

Ricky Ponting is one of the most feared batsmen in the world‌ one If he stepped into the crease, the opposing bowlers would tremble. He has consistently excelled in series with Team India. He won the 2003 World Cup from Dadasena in Thruthi. He gave two ODI World Cups to Aussies under his captaincy. Ricky Ponting said goodbye to the game in 2012. Played in IPL for some years. Aussies‌ Worked as a coach for the team. Served as a coach for Mumbai Indians in IPL. He is currently mentoring Delhi Capitals.

A year ago cricket Legend‌ Shane Warne, Rod Marsh Died due to health problems. Now Ricky Ponting‌ Cricket‌ The world was shocked. She wants him to be healthy.

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Breaking: Ricky Ponting suffers health scare and leaves Perth Test for hospital. Colleagues report he’s OK. @NewsCorpCricket https://t.co/6jHbtSh29b

— Ben Horne (@BenHorne8) December 2, 2022

#BREAKING: Ricky Ponting has reportedly sent a scare through the Channel 7 commentary box after he was taken to hospital during the Perth Test.https://t.co/PHmH5zF4E2

— news.com.au (@newscomauHQ) December 2, 2022

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