Revolutionary change in New Zealand cricket, ending discrimination that has been going on for years, when will BCCI wake up

Following a historic five-year deal between New Zealand Cricket (NZC) and the players’ union, for the first time in world cricket, the country’s male and female cricketers will receive equal match fees across formats and competitions. NZC CEO David White said in a statement. ‘I would like to thank and congratulate the players and the major associations for their role in reaching such an important agreement.’

“This is the most important agreement in our sport that will be binding on NZC, the major federations and our players and will lay the foundation for funding, progress and development in cricket,” he said.

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Under a historic agreement between NZC, the six major federations and the New Zealand Cricket Players’ Association, the White Ferns (New Zealand national women’s cricket team) and domestic female players will receive the same match fees as men in all formats and competitions.

According to the statement, ‘This means that the top-ranked White Fern will get a maximum annual maximum of one lakh 63 thousand 246 New Zealand dollars (increased from 83 thousand 432 New Zealand dollars), the ninth ranked player will get one lakh 48 thousand 946 New Zealand dollars (66 thousand 266 dollars). New Zealand dollars) and the number 17 player will get up to one lakh 42 thousand 346 New Zealand dollars (increased from 62 thousand 833 New Zealand dollars).

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The top-ranked female domestic players of each major federation will receive a maximum of 19 thousand 146 New Zealand dollars (increased from 3 thousand 423 New Zealand dollars), the sixth ranked player 18 thousand 646 New Zealand dollars (increased from 3 thousand 423 New Zealand dollars) and the number 12 The player will get up to 18 thousand 146 New Zealand dollars (increased from 3 thousand 423 New Zealand dollars).

According to the agreement, the number of female players to win domestic contracts will increase from 54 to 72, while male players will get a higher retainer amount for playing more matches and spending more time in training and playing.

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Women’s cricket team captain Sophie Devine said, “It is good for international and domestic women players that they are being recognized with the same contract as men.”

Men’s team captain Kane Williamson said, “This is a big step forward and will attract young women and girls to the sport.” ,