Ranji Trophy Final: Centenary… India’s ‘Don Brad Man’: Swearing ugly due to neglect!

The Ranji Trophy has now reached its final stage. Mumbai and Madhya Pradesh are currently battling it out in the final.

Surprise Khan has created great anticipation in this final. He has amassed tons of runs at an average of 80.42 in 23 matches in the Ranji Trophy series alone. Brad Mann averages 95.14. That means that after Brad Mann in first-class matches, Surprise Khan is the highest average holder.

Mumbai won the toss and elected to bat first.

Mumbai innings:

Openers Prithviraj Shah 47 (79) and Yashaswi Jaishwal 78 (163) both gave Mumbai a good start. Next, as usual, Surprise Khan played aggressively. He eventually struck out 134 off 243 balls, including 13 fours and 2 sixes. It was because of his action that the Mumbai team crossed the 300 mark.

After Surpris Khan scored a century, something screamed. Cricket critics consider it a knife out of frustration at not getting a place in the Indian team.

Next no one else hit the big score. In the end, Mumbai were bowled out for 374 in the first innings.

Madhya Pradesh team:

Madhya Pradesh, who started the next innings, are also playing well. Opener Himanshu is the only batsman to miss 31 (50). Yash Dubey 44 (131) and Shubham Sharma 41 (65) are in the field. The second day’s play is now over. Madhya Pradesh are 123/1 and trailing by 251 runs.

The next 3 days are more likely to have a big twist in the game as the pitch is predicted to turn in favor of the bowlers in the coming days.

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