Ramiz Raja-Sourav Ganguly News: Sourav Ganguly called, but I did not go to IPL…

Bilateral cricket between India and Pakistan is currently at a standstill due to strained diplomatic relations between the two countries. The last time the two teams met in a bilateral series was in the 2012/13 season when Pakistan toured India for 2 T20Is and 3 ODIs. Since then cricket matches between the two teams have been confined to continental (Asia Cup) and global (ICC) tournaments.

The last time India and Pakistan met on the cricket ground was during the 2021 T20 World Cup, where the Babar Azam-led side won a 10-wicket victory over Team India. Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Rameez Raja had attempted to start a four-nation series involving India (the other two being England and Australia), but the idea was rejected by the ICC Board.

During a press conference, Raja on Friday revealed that he was invited by Sourav Ganguly to the Indian Premier League on two separate occasions. However, he did not leave due to possible anger from fans. He said, ‘Look, I have had other conversations with Sourav Ganguly. I keep telling them, there are 2-3 cricketers who are currently the chairman or chairman of the board. What’s the point if we can’t make a difference?’

“Unfortunately, they have their own concerns as well. On two separate occasions he invited me to the IPL. Once in Dubai and once this year. I was confused about whether to attend or not. I thought the fans would not spare me if I went there. There may be a sense of cricket in it (participating in IPL), yes, but right now, there are some cracks that need to be filled.

The PCB chairman was however positive about the future, as he mentioned Pakistan securing the hosting rights for the 2025 Champions Trophy. He said, ‘If it was a game of cricket, it would have been solved in two minutes. Look, we’ve got the hosting rights for the 2025 Champions Trophy, which means we’ve tried to break that impact and people are starting to recognize that Pakistan’s team and fans deserve world class events like this .’