PCB to adopt new policy for centrally contracted players

Karachi, May 14 (PTI) The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) will adopt a new policy for its centrally-contracted players from July 1, in which new contracts will be awarded for two different formats instead of the existing one contract system.

A board official told PTI on Saturday that separate contracts would be given for the red-ball and white-ball formats.

“The players who compulsorily represent the country in both the formats will be given separate red-ball and white-ball terms,” ​​the official said. Which means they will get two contracts instead of the current one. ,

He said PCB chairman Rameez Raja has agreed in principle to increase the monthly ‘retainer’ of contracted players by 25 to 30 per cent.

“While the match fees for centrally contracted players in different categories are the same, retainers will be based on seniority, performance and fitness,” he said.

He said that there is a high probability that the number of players in the new central contract will increase from the current 20 to about 28 to 30.

“It is because we will give contracts in two different formats. The growth in the number of players will be in the most emerging category.

This official said that the board will constitute a compensation fund for the big players. If such players leave the contract of foreign league to represent the country, then the board will compensate them for some amount.