PCB that is going to be in danger of suspension – it will be a bad time to do that!

Will ICC suspend Pakistan Cricket Board? Are there any chances of Pakistan losing its membership as a full time member? The current situation between BCCI and PCB seems to be the reason for this. Both Asia Cup and World Cup are going to be held next year. Both of these are hosted by Pakistan and India. We have been seeing PCB Chairman Rameez Raja’s comments on this for the past few years. Now there is a danger that they will make a difference and finally lose their ICC membership. 

Because Rameez said that at one time they will boycott the World Cup which will be held in India next year. But PCB will not dare to do that. This is because the measures taken by the ICC in case of violation of the contract provisions are very strict. 

The ICC Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association have the power to immediately suspend the membership of the country if the ICC Board of Directors feels that any member country is violating its obligations by not properly fulfilling its obligations. Clause 2.10 of the Association says. In simple terms, if any ICC event is boycotted, there is a risk of losing the membership. The process may not be that easy. The matter may also go to an arbitration panel. Apart from the suspension of membership, there are many other implications. 

For example, suppose PCB boycotts next year’s World Cup. The income from the ICC to the boards may also stop for Pakistan. So no matter how many different ways you look at it, there is no problem of Pakistan boycotting the World Cup. They are not even brave enough. Since it involves India and Pakistan, the ICC has not yet responded to this controversy. It is reported that ICC thinks that this issue will cool down as the World Cup approaches. Some years ago Jai Shah said that India will not participate in the Asia Cup to be held in Pakistan. But the Asia Cup does not come under the jurisdiction of the ICC. It is managed by the Asian Cricket Council. Even if BCCI says that they will boycott the Champions Trophy to be held in Pakistan in 2025… BCCI is also in danger of facing the same situation from ICC. But that is still almost three years away. Before that, everyone is interested in what will happen in the next year’s Asia Cup and World Cup.

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