Pbks Vs Dc: Is this umpiring babu?.. Will there be a rule for the match, netizens fire on no ball controversy

Pbks Vs Dc: Is this umpiring babu?.. Will there be a rule for the match, netizens fire on no ball controversy
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The decisions taken by the umpires in the case of no balls in the Indian Premier League sometimes become controversial. This type of discussion is mostly seen in the case of full toss balls bowled by bowlers. The no ball controversy in the match between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Lucknow Super Giants is not all. On Wednesday, the no ball issue came to the fore in the match between Punjab Kings and Delhi Capitals.

What actually happened..
Punjab Kings batting required 33 runs in the last over for the team’s victory. While Living Stone was at the striking end.. Ishant Sharma received the ball. No run on the first ball. Even if the remaining 5 balls are hit as sixes, only 30 runs will be scored. At this stage, there was a sense of triumph in the Delhi camp. But then Living Stone hit 6 and 4 off 2 balls and the equation became 23 runs off 3 balls.

Here is the original twist..
In that over, Ishant threw the 4th ball as a full toss.. Living Stone sent it into the stands. But the umpire declared the ball a no ball. The decision was challenged by Delhi Capitals captain David Warner. When the third umpire checked, it was found that the ball was going a little higher than the wickets. With this, the third umpire concluded that it was a no-ball. With this, hopes for victory in the Punjab camp have sprung up. Punjab need 17 runs from 3 balls to win. But as Ishant bounced back, giving only one run off three balls, Punjab lost.

Criticism is coming on the social media platform for the third umpire giving a noball to Ishant’s ball. If this is a no ball.. Netizens are questioning why the balls faced by Hyderabad batsman Abdul Samad and Rajasthan opener Yashaswi Jaishwal were not given. Sharing photos related to that. The balls faced by Samad and Jaishwal went higher than the ball faced by Living Stone.

Netizens are questioning why the umpires do not follow the same decision in all matches in the case of hight no ball. They are under fire saying this is umpiring.

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