Now Indian cricketers can only eat halal meat! Babal on Team Indiana’s Diet


  • The BCCI has come up with a new diet plan for Team India, which has caused controversy.
  • In this plan, if he wants to eat meat, he is allowed to eat only halal certified meat.
  • Considering the fitness of the players, eating pok and beef is prohibited.

New Delhi: It was reported two days ago that the BCCI has prepared a new diet plan for Team India. Now a controversy has arisen over that plan. According to media reports, pok and beef have been removed from the players’ plates in view of their fitness.

If one wants to eat meat, he can eat only halal certified meat. Other than that, eating any kind of meat is not allowed. In fact, after the defeat in the T20 World Cup, India wiped out New Zealand in the recently concluded T20 series. Now it’s the turn of the two-match Test series.

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Considering the busy schedule of the team and the fatigue of the players, many changes have been made in the diet chart. Before the first Test starting on Thursday in Kanpur, Team India’s catering menu came up. Food items are clearly mentioned in the menu. Team India has been clearly instructed not to eat beef and poke. Care will also be taken to ensure that the players do not gain weight.
What is the difference between halal and zatka meat?
It is nothing more than a different process of killing an animal. The animal’s trachea is cut for halal meat, after which its life is lost. On the other hand, all the work of an animal is done in one fell swoop. While non-vegetarians in Hinduism and Sikhism value jatka meat, according to Islamic beliefs, any type of meat other than halal is forbidden.
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The decision sparked an uproar on social media. Fans were protesting in their own way. Some even accused the BCCI of promoting ‘halal meat’. Some even forgot to find the Hindu-Muslim angle here.


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