Neeraj Chopra’s foot slipped, fell but by putting gold in India’s bag, did 3 miracles with a spear in four days!

There is a dialogue in the words of Bollywood’s famous actor Nana Patekar – ‘Giro is like a waterfall that does not let it lose its beauty even after falling’. These lines from the film Krantiveer, India’s number one spearman Neeraj Chopra (Neeraj Chopra) But also suits. This is because what he did on the night of 18th June in Finland, miles away from the soil of his country, is amazing. When his feet slipped, he also fell, but he had done his work before falling. Neeraj of India had thrown his spear so far that whether it is a world champion or someone else, no one’s arms showed enough strength to measure that distance. This was the situation when Olympic champion Neeraj Chopra was far behind his best performance.

During the Kuortane Games in Finland, the rain had left its effect. In such a situation, when Neeraj went to take his third chance, while executing it, his leg slipped and he fell. For a moment it felt as if Neeraj must have suffered serious injuries. But, if the prayers of India were with you, then all remained safe.

Gold had already been put in India’s bag before falling

After slipping in the third chance, Neeraj did not even try his remaining two attempts. He had taken this step to rule out the possibility of injury. But, the bigger reason was that the gold he was looking for for India, he had got it in his very first attempt. Neeraj Chopra threw a javelin up to 86.69 meters to win the gold medal in the Kuortane Games.

3 miracles done with spear in four days!

Neeraj Chopra broke his national record by throwing 89.30m javelin at the Pavo Nurmi Games four days before the golden success of the Cuortane Games. However, then Neeraj, who won only silver, has now made his name sparkling gold. That is, it was his first miracle done in four days because before that no Indian had won gold medal in Kuortane Games or not any medal.

The gold won in the Kuortane Games is the second gold for India after the Tokyo Olympics with the spear of Neeraj Chopra. And this is his second miracle or rather amazing. The great thing is that he has twice defeated world champion javelin thrower Anderson Peters of Granada in four days i.e. in the journey from Pavo Nurmi Games to Cuortane Games, and this too is nothing short of a miracle. This shows that Neeraj of India now has the ability to win the world again and again.

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