Most T20I Runs in 2022: Mr. 360 at the end of Twenty22! Rizwan, Kohli after Suriya in Runs Fest!

Most T20I Runs in 2022:

Cricket‌.. Cricket‌.. Cricket‌! 2022 ICC Permanent‌, Associate‌ All the teams are extremely cricket‌ played They have given more priority to T20 format than Test and ODIs. T20 World Cup in Australia The reason for this is being. As usual this year many players have poured in a flood of runs. Mr‌ 360 Suryakumar‌ Yadav‌ But everyone stood at the top. Mohammad‌ Rizwan‌, Virat‌ Kohli stood next to him. 2022 Top‌ List of scorers for you!

Suryakumar‌: This year’s best‌ T20 Cricketer‌ Suryakumar‌ Yadav‌! Bowler‌ Anyone, pitch‌ Any Mr‌ 360  If he stands, he will be swept away! Surya made 31 matches in 2022 and scored 1164 runs at an average of 46.56 and a strike rate of 187. Top Score‌ 117. 2 centuries, 9 half‌ Centuries, 106 boundaries, 68 sixes. Off side‌ If you put the ball somewhere, you will never forget the way he hit sixes in Midan.

Mohammed‌ Rizwan‌: Pakistan‌ Muhammad‌ Rizwan‌ A reason. His specialty is to come as an opener and play 15-20 overs. This year he scored 996 runs in 25 matches at an average of 45.27 with a strike rate of 122. achieved He hit 10 half centuries, 78 boundaries, 22 sixes.

Virat‌ Kohli: King hit the century he had been waiting for three years in T20 cricket. Kohli. AsiaCup‌ From World Cup‌ Up to irreversible farm‌  Continued. He scored 781 runs in 20 matches at an average of 55.78 and a strike rate of 138. He hit a century, 8 half centuries, 66 boundaries, 26 sixes.

Sikander‌ Raza: The Zimbabwean senior played undaunted by any tough opponent‌ Player Sikander‌ Raza. 735 runs in 24 matches this year with an average of 35 and a strike rate of 150. hit He scored 5 half centuries, 52 boundaries and 38 sixes.

Babur‌ Azam‌: This year Babar is in the top-5 despite not being in as much form as expected. Runs while facing pressure as a captain‌ is doing In 2022 he scored 735 runs in 26 matches at an average of 31 and a strike rate of 123. did A century, 5 half‌ Centuries, 83 boundaries, 10 sixes Badadu.

Glen‌ Phillips has become a key player for New Zealand in the T20 format. He is playing aggressively and scoring runs. This time he scored 716 runs in 21 matches with an average of 44 and a strike rate of 156. A century, 6 half‌ Centuries, 51 boundaries, 33 sixes.

Pathum‌ Nisanka: Pathum Nisanka is promising for Sri Lanka in T20 cricket. Became an opener. He is running steadily. 713 runs in 24 matches this year at an average of 31 and a strike rate of 112. achieved 6 Half‌ Centuries, 62 boundaries, 17 sixes are in the account.

Rohit‌ Sharma: His level of cricket‌ Team‌India Captain‌ Rohit‌ Sharma is in the top-10. He scored 656 runs in 29 matches this year at an average of 24 and a strike rate of 134. 3 half centuries, 64 boundaries, 32 sixes Badesadu.

DS‌ Airy: This Nepal‌ Cricketer‌ He became a sensation in T20 cricket. He scored 626 runs in just 18 matches at an average of 48 and a strike rate of 136. A century, 4 half‌ Centuries, 51 boundaries and 19 sixes are in his account.

Andre Ball‌Birne: Ireland‌ You know how it unfolds. Top‌ The reason for this is the presence of bal‌birne in the order. He scored 617 runs in 27 matches this year at an average of 23 and a strike rate of 129. He hit 4 fifties, 56 boundaries and 31 sixes. Now Hardik‌ Pandya also scored 600+ runs this year. It is noteworthy to do.

Note‌: All these figures are for 2022, December‌ As early as 2!

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