Monkey Controversy கொடுக்க Symonds who went fishing to retaliate against the non-supporting Aussie management!

Former Australia captain Andrew Symonds has died in a road accident in Downsville. He is 46 years old. Thus, the cricket world is plunged into tragedy.

Controversial Man:

Symonds has been the best all-rounder in the world of cricket. He is embroiled in a number of controversies. The biggest controversy took place in 2007.

In 2007, a cricket series was played between India and Australia. Australia then landed in regular sledging in the Tests with both teams in balance. It was tolerated by the likes of Dhoni and Sachin, and the angry Harbhajan Singh resorted to sledging in retaliation.


At one point a confrontation ensued between Harbhajan and Symonds, and controversy arose over whether Harbhajan Singh had angrily scolded Symonds for fading. Immediately there was a scuffle between the two. Following this, while examining the Stump Mike record, it seemed as if Harbhajan had said monkey.

Harbhajan Description:

After the match, Harbhajan Singh explained, “I did not mention Symonds as a monkey. I was referred to as Theri Ma Ki in Hindi. ” The Indian Cricket Board also stood firm in support of Harbhajan’s view. But the Aussie cricket board does not see this as a big issue. It was reported at the time that Symonds did not stand by.

Went fishing:

Thus, Symonds is said to have been dissatisfied with the Aussie Cricket Board. Following this, Symonds was included in the cricket series against Bangladesh in 2008. While the meeting was being held for that series, Symonds ignored it and went fishing. The news was widely reported at the time. During the Monkey controversy, word spread that Symonds had done so because the Aussie Cricket Board had not sided with Symonds.

Following his dismissal of Symonds by the Aussie Cricket Board, he retired from international cricket and played for the Deccan Chargers and Mumbai Indians in the IPL.