Mohsin Khan IPL 2022: Coach proved wrong in front of Mohsin Khan, got help from Mohammed Shami in lockdown

New Delhi: When Imran Khan, the budding first-class cricketer, took his younger brother Mohsin to Badruddin Siddiqui for guidance, the coach could not understand what to teach to this lanky and chubby boy from the Sambal area of ​​Moradabad. The same Mohsin Khan has become a well-known name in tournaments like IPL by taking eight wickets in four matches. Badruddin is one of the well-known grassroots coaches in Uttar Pradesh who taught Mohammed Shami the skills of cricket in his early days.

Badruddin said, ‘A decade ago, Mohsin’s elder brother Imran used to come to my academy. By that time Shami had gone to Kolkata and played Ranji Trophy. Imran told me that his younger brother wants to play cricket and can he bring him for practice.

He said that in the beginning Mohsin was like other 13-year-old boys, who used to listen to things sometimes. He said, ‘Children of that age are like that. Suddenly he used to pick up the bat while bowling. He scolded me a lot but ten years ago seeing his stature, I did not think that he would become a fast bowler.

“His height increased in a year and he became six feet tall. His game has also improved a lot and he started practicing with full focus. Mohsin was originally a white-ball bowler but after the first lockdown in 2020 due to the Corona pandemic, he got a chance to bowl at Mohammed Shami’s residential academy in Amroha.

Shami has a private ground in his hometown, where he has put up turf pitches. He, his younger brother Mohammad Kaif and Mohsin used to practice there with Badruddin during the lockdown. Badruddin said, “It was a very small group and I called Mohsin so that he could learn by watching Shami. I wanted Shami to also see him and give some advice.

He said that I felt that Shami was impressed by him and gave him a lot of tips. He often asked about Mohsin. You have seen his bowling but he is such a fine batsman too.