Mankad’s bowler.. the batter is furious on the field

Mankad’s bowler.. the batter is furious on the field
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In a domestic match held in Australia, a batsman in the form of Mankad created havoc on the field. In fact, the International Cricket Council (ICC) and the Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC), which make the rules of cricket, have already legalized Mankading. What if the bowler goes outside the batter’s crease at the non-strike end before the ball is bowled? He can be run out. The ICC has already issued a statement that such manhandling is legal. But.. Mankading is still being discussed here and there.

A tournament was held under the auspices of the Southern Cricket Association (SCA) at the Australian venue. As part of that tournament, the final match between Clearment and Neunorrplok was held.. Bowler Har Booth mancuds a batsman named Jarrod Kyle in the middle of the match. Kyle, who had already scored 63 runs off 84 balls, looked in good shape with 7 fours and a six. But.. Booth noticed that Kyle was going outside the crease before the bowler bowled the ball.

Kyle never left the field after Mankading. Will the captain of the fielding team withdraw the appeal? He waited. But.. he was disappointed. After a long discussion the field umpire gave him out. With that… Kyle, who lost his patience… cursed and went to the pavilion. In this order, Kyle threw the helmet and the bat on the ground and then kicked the glove hard. The helmet, bat and glove had to be taken outside the field by the players of the opposing team and given to Kyle’s team members. This video has now gone viral on social media.

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