KS Bharat replaces MS Dhoni .. Just miss


  • KS Bharat impresses in Kanpur Test
  • Stumping like Dhoni .. Ross Taylor Just Miss
  • Saha away from keeping with neck pain
  • Bharat who kept the first innings

In the first Test against New Zealand at Kanpur, wicketkeeper KS Bharat impressed former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni with his keeping skills. KS Bharat, who came in as a substitute wicket-keeper, has been catching well and showing his speed in stumping as well. Most importantly .. the balls thrown by senior spinners Ashwin and Jadeja were turning unexpectedly .. Bharat received cleverly behind the wickets.

Ashwin, who bowled the 57th over of the innings on Monday, the last day of the match, threw the last ball away to the leg stump and made a turn. When the ball turned unexpectedly .. New Zealand batsman Ross Taylor could not block the ball. With that .. Bharat received the ball coming back .. Ross Taylor lost control at the crease and moved forward slightly.

The third umpire who examined the reply found that Ross Taylor’s foot was slightly creased while Bharat Bails was flying. In this sequence he had to observe a lot of camera angles. In the past, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has similarly stumped batsmen by closely monitoring their foot movements.


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