Kohli could also leave Test and ODI captaincy, Ravi Shastri said


  • Statement by Ravi Shastri, Former Head Coach of Team India
  • Like T20, Virat could leave the helm of another format
  • Shastri also said that Virat Kohli may decide on this soon

After the T20 World Cup, Virat Kohli resigned as the captain of the team and Ravi Shastri’s term as head has also come to an end. Now, former India head coach Ravi Shastri has said that Virat Kohli could step down from other formats of cricket like T20. Ravi Shastri said that Kohli could step down, especially in the Corona era, due to the pressure on the captaincy.

Ravi Shastri’s tenure as coach came to an end when India was knocked out of the T20 World Cup. While Kohli has taken a break from the T20 series against New Zealand and one Test due to bio-bubble fatigue. In an interview with India Today, Ravi Shastri was asked whether Virat Kohli could step down from another format due to his workload.

In response to this question, Ravi Shastri said that under his captaincy, India has been number one in red ball cricket for the last five years. And unless he gets mentally exhausted, or wants to quit as captain, I want to focus on my batting now. And this may soon be possible.

With this, Kohli said that this decision will not be taken by Kohli immediately, but this thing needs to happen. And so it can be with White Ball Cricket, where he can say that I want to focus on my batting now. It is his mind and body that will make the decision. And he will not be the first to do so. Many successful players have left the captaincy to focus on their batting.

Ravi Shastri also said that so far Virat Kohli is the fittest player in the team. It is determined that he is hungry, and he is more fit than any other player in the team. When you are so fit, your life span increases. The decision of the captaincy may be his. But in my opinion he should give up the captaincy of White Ball. But Red Ball should not give up the captaincy of cricket. As such, he is the best brand ambassador of Test cricket.

Apart from this, Ravi Shastri said that many players of the team, including Kohli, could take a long break due to bio-bubble fatigue. Shastri also said that the decision to share the captaincy during Koro’s tenure, especially at this time, could ease the burden on a person. Many players can take breaks. I can see that many players are trying to take a break and that’s right. You need to switch off the game from time to time.

Shastri also said that playing the World Cup soon after the IPL was not in the team’s favor. But it is not right to blame the BCCI for this, as the rescheduling of the IPL was due to Corona. He had no other option as the IPL was canceled in April due to Corona. But now I don’t think it can happen in the future.


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