Kane Williamson Ruled Out: Injured returners! Why these ‘dives’ Kane mama – out of IPL!

Kane Williamson Ruled Out: Injured returners!  Why these ‘dives’ Kane mama – out of IPL!

Kane Williamson Ruled Out: 

The prediction came true! New Zealand‌ Former Captain‌ Kane‌ Williamson‌ (Kane Williamson) IPL‌ Exited from He is season‌ Gujarat‌ Titans‌ (Gujarat Titans) officially announced.  Tweet wishing him a speedy recovery and return to cricket‌ did In a sense it is the defending champion‌ Big blow to GT!

‘At the beginning of the tournament Kane‌ Williamson‌ Being hurt is painful. We pray for his speedy recovery. We hope that he will make a comeback in cricket very soon,” said Gujarat‌ Titans‌ Director‌ of Cricket‌, Vikram‌ Solanki said in a statement.

‘Tata IPL‌ 2023 Kane‌ Williamson‌ We are sorry to announce that he is leaving. Chennai Super‌ He was injured in the match against the Kings. We wish him a speedy recovery’ said Gujarat‌ Titans‌ tweet‌ did However, no one has been announced in his place yet.

South African player David‌ Miller‌ Gujarat‌ Titans‌ Middleorder‌ Difficulties will disappear. It is known that he will be available for the second match. April‌ It is reported that he will arrive in Ahmedabad on the 3rd. Currently the Safari team is playing matches against the Netherlands. That is why his arrival was delayed. Kane‌ He can make up the lack.

We regret to announce, Kane Williamson has been ruled out of the TATA IPL 2023, after sustaining an injury in the season opener against Chennai Super Kings.

We wish our Titan a speedy recovery and hope for his early return. pic.twitter.com/SVLu73SNpl

— Gujarat Titans (@gujarat_titans) April 2, 2023

What happened.. 

CSK batted first as part of the match against Chennai Super Kings.  Joshua Little’s second ball of the 13th over  hits a huge shot towards deep square leg.   Williamson, who was already running, flew into the air and received the ball. But realizing that he was beyond the boundary line, he threw the ball inside the circle. While falling down in the same order, Kane’s uncle’s leg hit the ground hard. Williamson was distraught as he fell down. The Gujarat team physios came and provided basic treatment to Williamson who was struggling with pain. But as the pain was bothering him, he reached the pavilion with the help of two men. B Sai Sudarshan was replaced by Titan. Brought as a substitute. After Impact‌ Swap with Player‌ did.

International‌ Cricket‌ku Kane‌ Williamson‌ It is not known how many years he will be away. He took a long break due to injury. He made a comeback recently. Meanwhile, injured New Zealand‌ Irreplaceable lote for cricket! ‘This is Williamson‌, New Zealand‌ A big setback for the team!’ That team’s coach‌ Gary Stead‌ It is also noteworthy.

IPL‌ For some players New Zealand‌ left But the rest is playing the ODI series against Sri Lanka. After that, he has to go to Pakistan for five ODIs and five T20s series. Williamson‌ It is reported that he will miss these two series.

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