IPL fastest bowler .. 8 runs without bowling!

Umran Malik is the name of the IPL 2022 super fast bowler. Umran Malik is the only player to win the Swiggy Fastest Delivery Award in all the matches he has played. The faster he throws the ball, the faster he submits to the run. Umran scored 8 not out in a match played at the Mumbai DY Patil Stadium on Tuesday night.

Captain Kane Williamson gave the ball to Umran in the ninth over after the power play. The umpire declares the first ball a no-ball after throwing the full ball at high altitude. The keeper got another run in addition to escaping the arm. He then bounced the ball and gave the umpire a wide warning. After that the ball also bounced and it went straight to Rohit Sharma’s helmet at the crease. With the second bounce the umpire again declared no ball. With that, not a single ball was recorded and 8 runs were scored. After that Rohit touched the pad and threw the full toss and it went leg bye. That made 9 runs off a single ball.

Umran Malik, who scored 17 in the first over against Mumbai, controlled the score with just five runs in his second over and four in the third over. Umran Malik, who bowled a total of three overs, gave up 23 runs and took three wickets. Sunrisers Hyderabad, who batted first in the match, scored 193 for 6 in 20 overs. Mumbai scored 190 for 7 and lost by just 3 runs.