IPL 2023 will have 12 players instead of 11! Cricket will change completely with these 5 rules, playing 11 will be decided after the toss

IPL 2023 will have 12 players instead of 11!  Cricket will change completely with these 5 rules, playing 11 will be decided after the toss

IPL 2023 New Rule: The wait for the much-awaited IPL 2023 is coming to an end. Indian Premier League will be played today (31 March). This match will take place in Ahmedabad between Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans. There is tremendous enthusiasm among the cricket fans regarding the opener match of the season. Anyway, IPL 2023 is going to be special in itself, because this time many new rules have been implemented. After including these rules, this season will be more exciting. Let us tell you about the five rules of IPL which have been implemented in the 16th season. 

1- Impact Player Rules

The most important impact player rule in IPL 2023. There is discussion everywhere about this. Each team can change one player during the match. If suppose a team has included four foreign players, then they will not be able to use foreign players as impact players. In such a situation, he will have to send a foreign player out of the field. According to the rules, the impact player can be taken before the 14th over. The player who leaves the field after the arrival of the impact player will not come back in the match. During the toss, the captain will have to name four impact players. 

2- Playing 11 will have to be told after the toss

Till now it was a rule that the captains had to tell the playing eleven before the toss. But now the captain will announce his playing eleven after the toss. During the toss, the captain will come with two different team sheets. He will announce his playing XI based on the result of the toss. 

3- DRS will be there for wide-no ball

Teams were using DRS for wide and no ball in the recently concluded Women’s Premier League. Now this rule will be applicable in IPL also. If the umpire’s decision is not agreed with, the batting and bowling team can take DRS for wide or no ball. 

4- Unfair movement will result in dead ball

During the match in IPL 2023, if any player of the team, including the wicketkeeper, is making an unfair movement before putting the ball, then the ball will be declared dead ball. In such a situation, 5 runs will also be awarded to the batting team as a penalty. 

5- Punishment will be given in slow over rate matches

Slower rate is often discussed in IPL. But if a team does this this time, then it will be punished during the match itself. Like an international T20 match, only four players will be present on the boundary during the number of overs that will be bowled after the cut-off time. However, after the powerplay, the captain can keep 5 players on the boundary line. 

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