IPL 2023 Playoff Equation: Dhoni-Gambir will benefit from Virat Kohli’s loss, see the math

IPL 2023 Playoff Equation: Dhoni-Gambir will benefit from Virat Kohli’s loss, see the math

IPL 2023 Playoff Equation: The sixteenth season of IPL is heading towards the second half. 64 matches have been played but only one team has qualified so far. Six matches are left and three teams are going to qualify. The Gujarat team entered the qualifiers first. Today there will be a match between RCB and Hyderabad. Hyderabad’s challenge is already over. On the other hand, for RCB, today is fight or die. The Hyderabad team has nothing to lose as the challenge is over. They entered the field without hesitation. If Hyderabad wins today’s match, Lucknow and Chennai will get a big advantage. 

RCB lost today at Hyderabad ground while Dhoni’s Chennai and Lucknow teams qualified for the playoffs. Because, except Mumbai, no other team will be able to go beyond 15 points. So the fans of Dhoni and Gautam Gambhir will be paying attention to today’s match. On the other hand, a win is mandatory for RCB to qualify for the playoffs. 

Delhi kicked Punjab out – 

Warner led Delhi Capitals defeated Punjab in the match at Dharamshala. Due to this defeat, Punjab’s challenge in the IPL is almost over. Punjab needed a win in both the remaining matches to keep their playoff challenge alive. But Delhi at the bottom spoiled the party of Punjab. Delhi has changed the playoff equation by defeating Punjab. Hyderabad, who are still at the bottom, will face RCB today. Will RCB win today or will Hyderabad perform like Delhi and end RCB’s challenge… 

What’s in the equation for RCB –
Royal Challengers Bangalore : RCB is currently fifth in the points table with 12 points. There are still two league matches left. Bangalore will have to win both matches to qualify for the playoffs. If RCB wins both the matches, there is a better chance of making the playoffs. Because RCB’s net run rate is also good.  

Bangalore vs Hyderabad head to head

Sunrisers Hyderabad and Royal Challengers Bangalore have faced each other 21 times in the IPL so far, with Hyderabad 12 and Bangalore 12. 9 matches have been won. Overall, Hyderabad have the upper hand over RCB. IPL 2023 first match to be played.

Today’s match between RCB and Hyderabad will be played at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Hyderabad. Here 7 matches have been played between both teams, in which Hyderabad have won 6 and RCB have won only 1. Can RCB beat Hyderabad at their home ground or not? It will be interesting to see.  

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