IPL 2023: Hire a teacher if you don’t know English – Dada punch for Kohli fans!

IPL 2023: Hire a teacher if you don’t know English – Dada punch for Kohli fans!

IPL 2023, Virat Kohli – Sourav Ganguly: 

Troll him‌ Sourav‌ Ganguly (Sourav Ganguly) shocked! English‌ Tuition with the teacher if not understood. He strongly criticized not to put it. Why twist his words‌ He asked that they were doing it. Why?

Indian‌ Premier‌ League‌ Final match in 2023‌ Royal‌ Challengers‌ It was between Bengaluru and Gujarat Titans (RCB vs GT). RCB batting first‌ did Virat‌ Kohli (Virat Kohli) hit the second century in a row. After that Shubman Gill He scored a unique century and won Gujarat. Kohli turned labor into ashes.

What talent this country produces .. shubman gill .. wow .. two stunning knocks in two halves .. IPL.. .. what standards in the tournament @bcci

— Sourav Ganguly (@SGanguly99) May 21, 2023

At the end of the match, Shubman‌ Gill‌ was showered with praise. Also Virat‌ Kohli’s century was praised by many. Former BCCI President Sourav‌ Ganguly also tweeted‌ did How much talent is hidden in this country! Shubman Gil‌.. Wow‌.. Two centuries in two consecutive matches too.. IPL‌.. There are great standards in this tournament’ Dada posted.

In this tweet, Shubman‌ Gil‌ directly to Virat‌ Ganguly indirectly mentioned Kohli! This did not go down well with many Kohli fans. They were angry that his name was not written. Unnecessary criticism of Dada. With that, he directly entered the ring again. ‘Quick‌ Reminder! Twist this tweet‌ I think those who do it understand English! Otherwise, talk to someone to understand’ says Rivers‌ Punch‌ gave.

Just a quick reminder .. hope those of you twisting this tweet , understand English .. if don’t please get someone responsible to explain ..

— Sourav Ganguly (@SGanguly99) May 23, 2023

This season King‌ Kohli scored 639 runs in 14 matches at a strike rate of 139.82. Two centuries together, 6 half‌ He scored centuries. He hit 65 boundaries and 16 sixes. But RCB could not make the playoffs. At the same time, he looked more animated in some matches. In an aggressive order, Team India teammates Gautam Gambhir, Naveenul Haq‌ He provoked people like The same thing happened in the Delhi match.

While playing at the Feroze Shah Kotla ground, Virat Sourav‌ Ganguly didn’t care much. He left without looking at him. At the same time Dada.. Kohli looked angry. Match‌ Finally the players hand‌ Sheikh‌ While doing this, he escaped Dada and gave it to others. It turned out to be ugly. Fans of both started criticizing each other. But in the second match, both hands Sheikh‌ Giving full stop to the dispute. fell.

This season Royal‌ Challengers‌ Bangalore put up a mediocre performance. It stands sixth in the points table. Out of 14 matches they won 7 and lost 7. 0.135 run rate, missed the playoffs by 14 points. But Virat‌ Kohli, Faf‌ Duplessis‌ However, they did not like it. So far, they have stood in the top 3 in terms of runs.

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