IPL 2022 Playoff Scenario: Lucknow beats Rajasthan, what will be the playoff equations, these teams will get lottery

Mumbai: Rajasthan Royals will face Lucknow Super Giants (LSG vs RR) on Sunday evening in the 63rd match of IPL 2022. This match will be played at the Brabon Stadium in Mumbai. This match has a big connection to the playoffs (IPL 2022 Playoff). The win and loss of both the teams will have a big impact on the playoff equation. Currently, with 8 wins in 12 matches, Lucknow is second in the points table and Rajasthan is at number three with 7 wins in the same number of matches.

What will happen if Lucknow wins?
If Lucknow Super Giants wins in this match, then their name will be confirmed in the first two places. Gujarat already has 18 points i.e. the first qualifier will be played between two new teams Gujarat Titans and Lucknow Super Giants.

Along with this Punjab, Delhi, Bangalore as well as Sunrisers Hyderabad and Kolkata Knight Riders will also benefit from Lucknow’s victory. Rajasthan currently has 14 points. After Lucknow, he has to play one match – against Chennai Super Kings. Even if Rajasthan wins that match, Delhi, Bangalore and Punjab still have a chance to reach 16 points. If any of these teams reach there, then the teams in the playoff will be confirmed by the net run-rate.

If Rajasthan loses in this match, the way to reach the playoffs will be opened with 14 points. If the team gets defeated in their next match also, then two teams can also reach the playoff with 14 points. If the teams of Kolkata Knight Riders and Sunrisers Hyderabad win their remaining matches, then they will have 14-14 points.

what will happen if rajasthan win
Only them will benefit from the victory of Rajasthan Royals. The team will have 16 points and its place in the playoffs will be almost confirmed. With this, the team will also have a chance to finish in the top-2. If after this Rajasthan also wins their next match and Lucknow also gets victory in the last match then both will have 18-18 points. Finishing in the top-2 will be decided by the run-rate.