IPL 2022 Play off: ‘CSK”s playoff chance is this: What to do next?

The 15th season of IPL is currently in full swing. While the new teams Gujarat Titans and Lucknow Super Giants are doing well, the champions Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians have been badly beaten and continue to be in the last two places.

CSK dentures:

The Chennai Super Kings have been in a bad mood since the start of the 15th season. New captain Ravindra Jadeja acted under pressure and did not lead the team well. Rudraj’s out, Moin Ali’s injury, Deepak Sahar’s dismissal, bowlers’ dentures and dental fielding can all be cited as reasons for failure.

Dhoni’s visit:

After Dhoni was re-appointed as captain, he won the first match. In the second match CSK lost by 13 runs, by a small margin. CSK have won only 3 of 10 matches so far. The net run rate is -0.431.

Playoff Opportunity:

16 teams are essential to go to the playoffs as there are 10 teams in total. CSK can now get only 14 points even if they win the next 4 matches. Perhaps because of the rain, or because of the corona, only 14 points would qualify for the playoffs if the top teams were given a point twice.

Thus, it is assumed that CSKA’s playoff chances are not over yet. Thus, CSK is forced to win more than 4 matches with a net run rate.

CSK will play Delhi, Mumbai, Gujarat and Rajasthan in their last four matches.