IPL 2022 Play off: ‘5 teams compete for 4th place ‘தான் This is CSK’s chance … here is the detail!

The 15th season of the IPL is currently in full swing. With each team participating in 9+ matches, it is now somewhat known who is going to go to the playoffs.

Top four places:

The Gujarat Titans have qualified for the play-off round with 16 points after winning 8 of 9 matches. Only 16 points are needed to advance to the play-off round. The Lucknow Super Giants are second with 14 wins from 10 matches and 14 points.

Rajasthan Royals are third with 12 wins from 10 matches. The team will only have a chance of making the playoffs if they win two of the next 4 matches. Next, Sunrisers Hyderabad are fourth with 10 wins from 5 matches with 9 wins. This team should have 3 wins in the next 5 matches.

Next 6 places:

The RCB team is in 5th place with 10 wins out of 10 matches. If the team wins 3 of the next 4 matches, then Delhi and Punjab are 6,7 with 4 wins in 9 matches. These teams should have 4 wins in the next 5 matches.

Next, Kolkata and CSK are in 8th and 9th position with only 6 points each. The play-off opportunity for Mumbai is over. Cricket critics believe that the Kolkata team’s playoff chances are over as the Kolkata batsmen continue to struggle against short balls.

Playoffs 3 places:

According to current estimates, the chances of Gujarat, Lucknow and Rajasthan advancing to the play-off round are bright. It is enough for those teams to win a few matches. There are more matches to play.

5 teams match:

But there is fierce competition for fourth place. Teams from Hyderabad, RCB, Delhi, Punjab and CSK are in the race. With the exception of Hyderabad, the play-off chances will end if they lose two more matches.

CSK Opportunity:

The CSK team can only advance to the playoffs if they win the next 5 matches. In the next matches, RCB will face Delhi, Mumbai, Gujarat and Rajasthan. The chances of winning the first three matches are expected to be bright. The last two matches will be challenging.