India Vs Pakistan: Yesterday West Indies .. Today Team India .. ‘6 ‘mocked the sentiment?

One defeat .. 150 crores of hearts broken.
One defeat .. 14 years of history torn apart.
One defeat .. Disgraced in front of the neighboring country. Even ordinary people are unable to digest it. The humiliation of ten wickets will continue to haunt India for years to come.

As a team, India are far ahead of Pakistan. Batting, bowling, fielding … we have the best players in the world in all these categories. What happened next? Is sentiment mocked along with players’ mistakes? Is West Indies-style misfortune all around us? There are some similarities between this match and the India-Pakistan match. Destructive batsmen and match-winning all-rounders are on the losing team more than the opposing teams.

The most important of all is & lsquo; 6 & rsquo; Sentiment. England, West Indies The West Indies have not lost a single match against England in the T20 World Cup before the 2021 World Cup. The West Indies have won all five of their five matches played. But in the sixth match of the year, the Windies fell to Boccaborla. England won the match unilaterally.

The match between India and Pakistan was the same. India had never lost to Pakistan before. Played five matches and won all five. But in the sixth match of the year, the Windies lost unilaterally. Pakistan chased down a 152-run target without losing a single wicket.

There is another common point between these. The same stadium was the venue for these two defeats. Both matches were played at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium. No matter how many sentiments are expected .. it seems that the failure of the Indian team has hit the eyes. Even if Virat Kohli is in his last tournament .. to win and win the first ICC tournament .. India must win the rest of the matches! This defeat must come out of the dark shadows and step towards the lights of victory!

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