IND vs WI: Any gain with this series sir? Fan fire

IND vs WI: Any gain with this series sir?  Fan fire

Team India is stirring up dust on the Caribbean soil. It is known that India has already won the Test series. In the first test, the hosts defeated the West Indies in 3 days. Had the game continued on the fifth day.. they would have won the second test as well. But the test ended in a draw as the rain prevented the game from continuing. Everyone thought that the West Indies ODI team was stronger than the Test team and would compete with India. The selectors, coach and captain said that they will use this series as a preparation for the ODI World Cup. As soon as they entered the match.. even if the opposing team won.. but India could not show any fight.

Indian spinners Ravindra Jadeja (3/37) and Kuldeep Yadav (4/6) could not cope with the bowling and collapsed to 114 runs in 23 overs. This turned the 50 over match into a T20 match. Indian fans are extremely angry about this match. The President is questioning whether it is necessary to send seniors to play against such a weak team. It is being questioned on the social media platform whether it is enough to send a tertiary level team. It is being joked that the Gully team is much better than the West Indies team.

The BCCI is being questioned as to whether the matches played by such teams are of any use as a preparation for the ODI World Cup. At least the intention behind putting a Test, ODI and T-20 series against a team that has not qualified for the World Cup is denied. They are angry that if we play against such weak teams…our team will look fierce…but when we play against teams like Australia and England in the tournament, we will know the real thing. In the background of the ODI World Cup in two and a half months, they are angry that they have to play with strong teams instead of playing series with weak teams.

They are criticizing that if the team led by Ruthuraj Gwaikad, selected for the Asian Games to be held in China, would have been able to practice. Sunil Gavaskar is commenting why this series is useless for personal records.

West Indies players are always playing very badly and they are criticizing that they have forgotten that they are international level cricketers. They want to show minimum fight at least in the second ODI. They are posting that they want to see the old West Indies.

Pakistan captain Babar Azam, who introduced a new shot.. Did he play as much as he wanted?

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