IND vs BAN: Team India’s consecutive series defeat – not just the game but many reasons!

IND vs BAN: Worry of injuries…. Yes, many players in the team are often injured. why how Questions aside, these injuries are seriously affecting the team’s performance. And they are damaging the chances of victory. 

If we take the second ODI against Bangladesh, two key players were injured in this one match. Captain Rohit Sharma injured his left finger while fast bowler Deepak Chahar suffered a back injury. We all know how important Rohit is in batting. Similarly, Deepak, who is doing well in the fast bowling department without seniors, is equally important. But both of them got injured in that match. Chahar gave only 12 runs in 3 overs in this match. Looked effective with the new ball. But later he had to complete his bowling quota with only five bowlers who were leaving the field due to injury. After losing 6 wickets for 69 runs, Bangladesh finally scored 271 runs. It cannot be said that the score could not have been achieved if Deepak Chahar was there, but the captain would have had another bowling option. An in-form Chahar Bangla will keep the batters at bay. But that didn’t happen. And the team India faltered in the pursuit of a huge target. Kohli, who came to the opening as Rohit was injured, was not impressed. Even if Rohit played at the end, the match was already over. However, Rohit fought for the win with a finger injury.  Would it have been possible to win if Rohit had not been injured? So, injuries played a role in India’s defeat in the second ODI against Bangladesh. In every series someone keeps getting injured. Lately key players are being rested due to workload. Each team is brought into the ring for each series. However, players continue to get injured. This has been very evident since the Asia Cup. Indian team all rounder Ravindra Jadeja was injured in that tournament. He also missed the T20 World Cup. As a spin all-rounder, a batsman and an active fielder, Jadeja is very important in the team. Also, Jasprit Bumrah, the main bowling player of Team India, did not play the Asia Cup and T20 World Cup due to injury. Without Bumrah, our bowling has lost its groove. The deficit without Bumrah was evident especially in the death overs. Another fast bowler Mohammad Shami is often injured. Wicket keeper Rishabh Pant was left out of the Bangla series halfway through. It is still unclear what happened to him.  Now Rohit, Chahar, Kuldeep Sen are injured. So far KL Rahul, Washington Sundar and Harshal Patel have recovered from injuries. Like this, almost the entire Indian team is suffering from injuries. 

Where is the fitness?

The answer is coming who is currently fit in Indian cricket i.e. Virat Kohli? . Yes, despite playing cricket tirelessly.. Kohli has the fitness of an athlete at the age of 34. Whether in batting or fielding, he moves like a leopard. He has been working hard to maintain his fitness since years. Virat set the highest fitness standards in the team when he was the captain. But after Rohit became the captain, that was not the case. No one in the current squad looks fit. We continue to see how our team is performing in stopping runs and taking catches. It is clear that the fitness standards in the Indian team are not what they used to be.

What are the NCA and support staff doing?

If any player in the Indian team is injured, the National Cricket Academy in Bangalore Go to (NCA). He stays there and recovers. He regains fitness. But now questions are being raised about the performance of NCA. The reason….those who have gone there also get injured again soon. Deepak Chahar went there and recovered. But again he was injured in the series against Bangladesh. Earlier Bumrah also came from NCA. But he was injured again soon after. And what is NCA doing? Once they get injured and go to NCA, they will play for Team India only if they prove to be fit. The fact that the players who come from there get injured immediately raises questions.

Also taking care of matters like fitness and diet of the players in the team… the work of physios, masseurs, support staff. And although they are all working, there is no better fitness in the team. “Many of these players are training like football players and basketball players, not like cricketers. We need cricket-specific training. But that is not happening in India. But I don’t blame the athletes for this.’ Said Ramji Srinivasan, the former coach of the Indian team. From his comments, it is clear what is happening in the team. 

On the whole, the performance of the Indian team is not good not only on the field but also outside. It is reported that there is no harmony between BCCI and the team management. A few weeks ago, Chetan Sharma was removed as the chief selector. In-form Pant is being given chances after chances. It is not clear what happened to him now. All this seems to be a proof that there is no harmony between the team management and BCCI. Regardless of formats the game is falling. Losing the Asia Cup, T20 World Cup, ODI series with New Zealand and now the ODI series with Bangladesh is proof of that. Cricket fans are worried that if this continues, India will become another West Indies. 


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