IND vs AUS: 3 wickets for 16 runs – if it’s my fault I’ll be gone!

IND vs AUS: 3 wickets for 16 runs – if it’s my fault I’ll be gone!

IND vs AUS, Anand Mahindra: 

Team India has a lot of sentiments not only for the cricketers but also for the fans! India Match‌ Many feel that they will win. Match‌ Chai in the middle Others are upset that wickets fell due to drinking. Match‌ We keep hearing that team‌India never wins, so we don’t watch! Famous businessman Anand‌ Mahindra also feels like this!

So I decided to be at the #INDvsAUS match today. Came at the start of the India innings to cheer what I thought would be a cruise to victory. Haven’t lost hope but we’ve lost all three wickets since I got here 🙄 I better leave before I’m crucified for being the cause of the…

— anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) March 17, 2023

Anand said that Team India will easily beat the low target set by Australia. Mahindra (Anand Mahindra) thought. If the sixes and boundaries are hitting then enjoy‌ Wanted to do. Anchor the players of Team‌India‌ They came to the field to do. But after losing 3 wickets for 16 runs in Chhedan, he tweeted.

‘India and Australia match today‌ I decided to see it firsthand. Team‌India Innings‌ I came to the stadium as soon as it started. If you are succeeding easily, you want to cheer. I can’t believe it, but because I came, I got 3 wickets! I am the reason for the quick wickets, so it seems better if I leave,’ said Anand‌ Mahindra Tweet‌ Did.

Well as a top leader I’d expect you to stay back and accept the result whatever way it may be. Would you leave your office if sales are down or be there as the “pillar” no matter what?!

— Mr. Shah (@_MrShah_) March 17, 2023

Some gave a funny reply to his tweet. ‘As a great leader I think you will accept whatever the outcome is. Sales‌ If reduced you will be able to office‌ Will you leave? Anyway you should be there as a key person,’ replied one. ‘The damage has already been done. However you can play the game‌ Enjoy‌ Can be done’ said another tweet‌ did.
‘Man‌ Mahindra Thar of the match Declare to give. Any result‌ See what’s coming. Keep calm and trust Shardul Thakur‌, Jadeja. If not win give me that thor‌ However Team‌India Match‌ I believe it will win. Because you’re there,’ said one user‌ tweet‌ Did.

Would a man who made millions of people run behind his passionate vehicles and new technology Mr. Anand Mahindra be a reason for Indian team losing wickets. Seems like you are cracking in high spirit. Hats off to your love for the game. India would always be winning. Lot of fan…

— Arvind Raghava (@ArvindRaghava5) March 17, 2023

Starc has a third as Shubman Gill is caught at point by Marnus. India 4-39 in the 11th over #INDvAUS

— (@cricketcomau) March 17, 2023

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