ICC Rankings: Indian team dominates T20 rankings, heavy losses in Tests

Dubai: India ended the 2021-22 season as the World No.1 T20 team due to their consistent impressive performances at home, but they are the top-ranked Australia in the ICC Annual Test Rankings released on Wednesday. Nine points behind. New Zealand is the number one team in the world in ODI rankings following the annual rankings. India and England will be included in this ranking after the fifth and final match of the Test series starting in 2021.

“After the annual ‘update’ of the ICC Men’s Test Team Rankings, Australia have increased their lead over second-ranked team India from one point to nine, while Pakistan’s team replaces England in fifth place,” the ICC said in a release. Has become.’

New Zealand is third in the Test rankings while South Africa is fourth. India have also gained a point and are now on 119 points while England have lost the most of nine points as their 4-1 series win against India in 2018 has been omitted from the ranking calculations. England has 88 rating points which is the lowest since 1995.

Australia defeated England 4-0 in the Ashes series in January. It now has 128 points instead of 119. The annual ‘update’ covers all series completed after May 2019. Now the series concluded before May 2021 have been given 50 percent weightage in the annual calculation while the series after that have been given 100 percent weightage.

India remains at number one position in T20. His lead over second-ranked England has gone up to five points instead of one. South Africa and Australia have overtaken New Zealand which is now in sixth place. Similarly, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have overtaken the number ten team Afghanistan.

New Zealand are at the top of the ODI rankings but their lead over second-ranked team England has been reduced to one point instead of three. The difference of points between England and number three Australia has increased from seven to 17. India (105 points) are at the fourth spot in the ODI rankings, two points behind Australia (107).