I don’t like ‘Dhoni, Gayle, Russell’: But … reserved wicket-keeper action comment!

After Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Viruthiman Saha has been the wicket-keeper of the Indian Test team.

While he was performing well, Rishabh Bandh continued to strike and immediately pushed Saha back. Only Rishabh got the chance to continue the ball. Thus, Rahul Dravid was informed and in a position to tell Saha to retire. The journalist who threatened to interview him was also sentenced to 2 years.

Viruthiman Saha, who felt he could no longer feature in the Test squad, has been playing consistently in the IPL for the past few years. He continued to show action when he was with the Sunrisers Hyderabad team and is currently raining runs as the opener for the Gujarat Titans.

Permanent location:

He has also secured a permanent place in the Gujarat team as he has been accumulating runs continuously. Viruthiman Saha, who is currently giving an interview in this regard, has shared some important information. “I do not know why some people say that I am not a player for low overs. From the time I started playing cricket, I just wanted to play less overs, ”he said.

Saha interview:

He further said, “I do not have the physical stamina like Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Andre Russell and Chris Gayle. But, I have the same energy as them. I can score big in Power Play. That is what I am doing. “