How many points did Shubman Gill pass King Kohli in Yoyo Test?

How many points did Shubman Gill pass King Kohli in Yoyo Test?

It is known that the Asia Cup 2023 will start in four days. As part of this, the BCCI selection committee has already announced the Indian team. Currently, all the players selected in the team are in a training camp at the National Cricket Academy in Bangalore. The BCCI is also conducting the yoyo test to measure the fitness of the players there. It is known that Indian star Virat Kohli has scored 17.2 points in the recently conducted yoyo test. He himself shared this on social media.

Virat Kohli is a name that comes to mind as the fittest player in the Indian cricket team. But in the Yoyo Test, another young player surpassed Kohli. He is Shubman Gill. Gill, who participated in the Yoyo Test held at the National Cricket Academy in Bangalore, scored the highest score of 18.7 points. To get a place in the Indian team, it is mandatory to score 16.5 points in Yoyo Test. While other players are struggling to reach this mark, Shubman Gill has crossed it first. It is reported that the score is 2.2 points more than the qualification.

With this, fitness king Virat Kohli is not the only one.. It goes without saying that he is also in the competition. This young batsman, who is breaking records in the game, is reported to be ahead of everyone else in the team in terms of fitness. It is reported that most of the players in the Indian team who are in a special camp at the National Cricket Academy have passed the minimum qualification of 16.5 points in the Yoyo test.

It is known that recently Virat Kohli posted a post revealing the score related to Yoyo Test. But it seems that BCCI has taken this matter seriously. It is reported that BCCI has instructed Virat Kohli not to share internal matters related to the team on social media. It seems that Kohli has been given a sweet warning not to do this again. It seems that not only Kohli but also other players have been warned not to reveal such official secrets.

Asia Cup 2023 will start from August 30. The tournament will open with the match between Pakistan and Nepal. Team India will begin their cup hunt with a match against Pakistan on September 2.

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