How is Pandya taking care of his child? Video of Agastya roaring like a lion goes viral

New Delhi
Indian cricket team all-rounder player Hardik Pandya has posted a video with his son Agastya. In this he is talking with his child. Fans of Pandya are liking this 22-second video. In this video, Agastya is making sounds of dog and lion. His son looks very cute with Pandya. How Pandya is raising his child is clearly visible in this video.

Recently, while returning from UAE, Pandya was embroiled in controversies, after which he also clarified about his precious watches. Pandya is spending time with his family and is also having a lot of fun together with his son. Pandya asks his son Agastya that how does Agastya laugh? On asking them, Agastya laughs and tells. After that he asks how Agastya cries, then he immediately opens his face and tells how Agastya cries.

Pandya is also seen enjoying a lot with the child. Pandya’s son starts clapping after this. Then Pandya makes the child laugh by saying clapping, clappink. After this, Pandya again asks how the lion speaks, then Agastya roars like a lion and then in the last Pandya asks if the dog barks, then his son has told that by taking out the dog’s voice.


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