Has BCCI made halal meat compulsory for players ?, explained by the board

Team India: News of Indian cricket team players being made to eat only halal meat has sparked a heated debate on social media. Ahead of the first Test in Kanpur, the BCCI has given a diet plan for Team India and the discussion on making halal meat mandatory has spread on social media. Fans have lashed out at the BCCI on social media for making only halal meat mandatory. Hindus and Sikhs eat jhatka meat, while Muslims prefer halal meat. So is India a Muslim country? This question has been asked through social media. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has given an explanation. The BCCI has clarified that no such diet plan has been formulated for the players. & Nbsp;

#BCCI Promotes Halal has been trending on Twitter since Tuesday night. This has led to criticism of the BCCI. A BCCI official has given an explanation to ABP News. Speaking to ABP, the BCCI official said, & ldquo; No circular has been issued by the board regarding the players’ diet plan. Whether they want to eat vegetarian, non-vegetarian or halal meat is their personal choice. No notice has been issued by the board. & Ldquo;

We have asked BCCI the benefits of Halal (Took) meat over Hygienic meat !! We are also interested in knowing the father of this diet plan. #BCCI_Promotes_Halal pic.twitter.com/AshRD4FyzL

& mdash; Kiran Aradhya (agnagasadu) November 23, 2021

Teams arrive in Kanpur for first Test & ndash;
The two-Test series between India and New Zealand starts on Thursday. Both the New Zealand and India teams have reached Kanpur. Both teams have started training. & Nbsp;

Players’ food menu goes viral & ndash;
#BCCI_Promotes_Halal is trending on social media, drawing taunts from the Indian Cricket Board. News of BCCI’s new diet plan for Indian players went viral on social media. The players have to strictly follow this diet and it was said that the players should eat only halal meat. The netizens then targeted the BCCI. #BCCI_Promotes_Halal is trending on Twitter, which is drawing attention to the Indian Cricket Board. The news came two days ago that the BCCI had come up with a new diet plan for the Indian cricket team. Cricketers will have to strictly adhere to this plan and it was said that players should eat only halal meat.

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