Had it not been for Abbu, I would have been finished… Everyone should listen to what Sarfaraz Khan said after scoring the century.

New Delhi: This century is because of my father. It is because of his sacrifice and because of holding my hand when I was disappointed. This is what Sarfaraz Khan was saying with tearing eyes after scoring a century in the Ranji Trophy final. Sarfaraz celebrated in a special way after scoring 134 runs in the first innings against Madhya Pradesh.

Naushad’s two sons in Mumbai team

After the match, he said, ‘Both Naushad’s sons Sarfaraz and Musheer play in the Mumbai team. When asked whether the dream of making a place in the Indian team is on the way to fulfillment? Sarfaraz’s eyes twitched in response to this question. He said, ‘Our life is all about the little dreams that we cherish. We (he and his father) see dreams together. The close to 2000 runs I have scored in two seasons since my return to Mumbai are all because of my father.

Step-treatment being done with Sarfaraz, even after scoring runs, not getting entry in Team India?
surpass the previous record

This is Sarfaraz Khan’s fourth century in the Ranji season. Sarfaraz has now become the third batsman to score more than 900 runs in 2 seasons of the tournament, before him Ajay Sharma and Wasim Jaffer have done so. This is his lowest score in terms of centuries in first class cricket, having all the hundreds of 150+ before that. In the current season, he has scored 937 runs in just six matches at an average of 133.85. Sarfaraz faced 243 balls in his innings, hitting 13 fours and two sixes.

Ranji Trophy Final: Sarfaraz Khan remembers Sidhu Musewala after scoring a century, started crying on the field, paid tribute with the signature step
Tribute paid to Sidhu Musewala

Sarfaraz is a fan of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala who was recently shot dead by a gang. Sarfaraz celebrates after scoring a century in Musewala’s style (hitting the thigh). When asked about it, Sarfaraz said, ‘It was for Sidhu Moosewala. I love his songs and mostly I and Hardik Tamore (wicketkeeper) listen to his songs. I had a similar celebration during the last match but it was not shown then. I had decided that whenever I score another century, I will celebrate like this.

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