‘Goalie, Babur Assam, Aprithi’ … Opportunity to play in the same team: Fans happy with the new project!

From 2005 to 2007, the popular cricket series was held under the name ‘Afro Asian Cup’.

In this series, India and Pakistan players played together in the XI team. Thus, the series was very popular worldwide. The series did not take place after that due to a dispute between India and Pakistan.

Release Notice:

Asian Cricket Council (ACC) official Prabhakaran has sent a circular to all teams on the Afro-Asian Cup series to re-run the series, which has not been held for a long time. He said he was waiting for a response and that the series would be held on a grand scale as soon as the response came.

Pakistan OK?

The Pakistan Cricket Board has recently been pushing for a resumption of cricket with India. The country’s cricket board chairman Ramesh Raja has made several requests to the BCCI in this regard. In this case, it is expected that Pakistan will agree to a series of more.

What is the status of India?

It is said that India is more likely to agree as the proceeds from the series will be used for some good causes. Also, this time the Afghanistan team will play with the Indian and Pakistani teams in the series.

The individual cricket series between India and Pakistan has not taken place since 2012. In this case, the fans are excited by the news that the star players of the two teams will play together on the same team.

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