Gay Cricketer Heath Davis: Gay turned out to be New Zealand’s strong cricketer, many shocking revelations made after retirement

New Delhi: From time to time, players have admitted that they are gay. If you keep this truth in front of the world for some time, then it takes a long time for someone to gather courage. One such disclosure has been made by the former New Zealand cricketer. Heather Davis has admitted that she is gay. In this way he has also become New Zealand’s first gay international cricketer.

Davis, 50, currently lives in Australia. He played five Test matches and 11 One Day Internationals for New Zealand between 1994 and 1997. Heath Davis’ international career may not have lasted long, but he has worked hard in the domestic circuit. Played a lot of domestic cricket.

In an interview with online magazine ‘The Spinoff’, Davis said, ‘I felt there was this part of my life that I was hiding. This was my personal life, just because I was not bringing it in front of the world till now, but I felt that this aspect should also be kept in front of the era. I should not hide that I am gay.’

Heath Davies said that his life improved when he moved from his native city of Wellington to play domestic cricket in Auckland in 1997. He adds, ‘Everyone in Auckland knew that I was gay. Everyone in the team knew this, but I didn’t think it was such a big issue. I just felt free.’

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