Gautam Gambhir inaugurated the trophy of EDPL, said – time has come for the country to move from cricketing nation to sporting nation

East Delhi Premier League: Gautam Gambhir announced the East Delhi Premier League (EDPL) at the newly constructed Yamuna Sports Complex and the virtual inauguration of the renovated Yamuna Sports Complex was done on 10 September. At the same time, today the first glimpse of the trophy of EDPL was seen at Leela Convention Hotel in East Delhi. The team and jerseys of the selected players were also inaugurated.

Trying to give chances to the best players- Gautam Gambhir

Gautam Gambhir, MP from East Delhi BJP and former cricketer, says that, "This is not an opportunity to find any political opportunity, but to find the best player and give him a lot of effort. Nothing was said about this Premier League in my memorandum, but still according to the need, we have started EDPL to create opportunities for the players looking for opportunities for cricket." He further said that, "We had a 21 year old child who has no parents, he prepares and he has a severe shortage of resources. We have reached out to such children and have given a chance to these children."

Gautam Gambhir said, "We had given strict instructions that even if one does not have good clothes, shoes or slippers on his feet, but he must get equal opportunity to show his talent." He further said that, "The East Delhi Premier League will be held in the second week of November this year in which teams from 10 constituencies will participate in East Delhi. Players in the age group of 17 to 36 years will play in the tournament."

Focus on Archery along with cricket

Gautam Gambhir said in the end that, "The winner will get Rs 30 lakh, runner up will get Rs 20 lakh, along with man of the match, man of the series. The time has come for the country to move from cricketing nation to sporting nation, the way it has earned a name in cricket and also in sports. Every world class tournament will be well organized."

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