Gambhir on Ajinkya Rahane: Rahane is lucky! Seriously do you know why?

Senior & zwnj; Cricketer & zwnj; Former Team India cricketer says Ajinkya Rahane is lucky to have more opportunities Gautam Gambhir & zwnj; Said. He was in form during the ongoing Test series in India. Suggested to receive. Openers Mayank & zwnj; Agarwal & zwnj ;, KL & zwnj; Rahul Kay has revealed that he will vote. He spoke to the media before the Test series.

Kanpur & zwnj; The first Test begins with New Zealand as the venue. Cricket without interruption & zwnj; & Nbsp; Captain & zwnj; Virat & zwnj; Kohli will not be available for this Test. Rohit, who won the T20 series, has been rested. With that, Ajinkya Rahane will lead Team India in the first Test. He has been playing timely innings for years but not making huge scores. Gauti says that he is lucky to be given more opportunities with that.

‘I am KL & zwnj; Rahul & zwnj ;, Mayank & zwnj; Agarwal & zwnj; Opening & zwnj; I will vote for the couple. Rahul & zwnj; Opening in England Did. So Shubhman Gill & zwnj; Batting in fourth place & zwnj; Good to do. Anyway Rahane is lucky! He found a place in the team as he took the lead. This is another opportunity for him. He should get it, ‘said Gautam. Gambhir & zwnj; Mentioned.

Regular & zwnj; The lack of cricketers and the arrival of new guys made the team composition awkward. Mayank & zwnj ;, Gill & zwnj; The opening & zwnj; Not understanding what to do with anyone. KL & zwnj; Rahul & zwnj; He is in good form. Scored a century in England. Sending to Midlarder now is incorrect. Pujara, Rahane, Gill & zwnj; Looks like a chance to play in midfielder.

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