FIFA World Cup 2022: Carafe Addresses Controversies FIFA World Cup, controversies stuck in history!

Fipa World Worldwide‌ What a craze for cup‌ Needless to say. Match‌ schedule‌ From the moment of its release, soccer‌ Fever‌ is starting But just stunning in match‌ Not only for goals.. shocking. Controversies also include FIFA World‌Cup‌ Care‌ There are many instances where the address stands. History has left many instances of success as well as controversies. Ala FIFA World‌Cup‌ There are many controversies and protests that have left an indelible mark in history. Moreover.. the recently ongoing FIFA World Cup 2022 is also in chaos. 

If this matter progresses further, there is a possibility that 7 countries will withdraw from the World Cup in the middle of the tournament. Football’s governing body FIFA-7 has warned European countries that any of their players will face strict action if they take to the field wearing One Love arm bands. Among the seven European countries, Germany also protested. In the group photo taken before the match against Japan, the players of that team posed for the photos with their mouths closed. Along with the players, German Minister Nancy Feiser also protested. Her ‘One Love Arm‌Band’ Dressed up and reached the stadium to watch the match. These photos have gone viral on social media. There have been many slogans and controversies in the past and the tournaments have been stopped altogether. 

One such controversy.. Uruguay 1934 was held in Italy and the FIFA officials at that time boycotted the competition. And the only World Cup held in 1966 The continent of Africa has been expelled. FIFA has decided that the line-up for the 16-team finals will include 10 teams from Europe, including hosts England, four from Latin America and one from the Central American and Caribbean region. Finals Two years after the end, it voted unanimously to award the World Cup place to Africa. Asia also got one and the boycott worked. After winning the record fifth World Cup in 2002, the Samba team did not win the cup again.

In 2014, the World Cup on home soil failed to meet expectations. But in the last two years Brazil‌ Judging by the form, the chances of winning the cup this time are very good. If the team overcomes the weakness of stuttering in the knockout, the team can win the cup after a gap of 20 years. Brazil‌ Argentina has more opportunities. There is no doubt that Messi, who led the team to the title in 2014, will try to fulfill his dream in what he believes will be his last World Cup. However, public demonstrations were held in several Brazilian cities in response to the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Protesters expressed anger that billions of dollars are being spent on football tournaments instead of social projects and housing construction. In 1974, the Soviet Union refused to play against Chile in the World Cup Soccer. Chile refused to play a World Cup playoff game at a venue previously used for executions. 

This led to FIFA banning them from the tournament. Chile was allowed to attend the match at the same stadium at the appointed time.  snapping the ball into an empty net and declaring 1-0 winners. Thus, Chile qualified for the World Cup by default. And the 1978 edition hosted by Argentina was marred by on-field and off-field incidents. In 1976 there was a military coup. The Dutch team skipped the post-match celebrations at the end of the big event between Argentina and the Netherlands.

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