FIFA WC 2022: Messi and Ronaldo will face each other in the World Cup final? Find out how this can be possible

FIFA World Cup Final:  FIFA World Cup 2022 (FIFA World Cup 2022) has been very exciting so far. In this World Cup, many big ups and downs have also been seen. Between these exciting matches, 8 teams have been finalized for the quarter finals of the World Cup. It includes teams from the Netherlands, Argentina, Croatia, Brazil, England, France, Morocco and Portugal. However, fans hope that this time the final match of the World Cup will be between Messi’s Argentina and Ronaldo’s Portugal. In such a situation, today we will tell you how the final match of the World Cup can be between the teams of these two giants.

How can the competition be between Messi and Ronaldo?

Portugal will face Morocco in the quarter finals. Morocco has shown a great game in this year’s World Cup. In the pre-quarter finals, this team pulled off a huge upset by defeating Spain 3-0 in a penalty shoot out and qualified for the quarter finals. In such a situation, if Portugal wants to reach the final, it will have to win against this team. Also after this the team has to win the semi-final match which will be against France or England.

Also in the quarter final Argentina will face the Netherlands. The Netherlands beat the USA 3-1. In such a situation, Messi’s team will have to win this match. Along with this, in the semi-finals, he faced

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