Fan reached 1450 km for the second time to catch a glimpse of Dhoni, Mahi sent home by flight


  • A huge fan of MS Dhoni walked a distance of 1436 km and reached Ranchi to meet him
  • Reached Ranchi for the second time in 3 months, finally the dream of meeting Dhoni came true
  • Dhoni landed at his farmhouse and also arranged a flight ticket to return to Haryana

Former veteran captain MS Dhoni’s fan following list is probably longer than any other player in India. This is the reason why her fans can go to any lengths to catch a glimpse of her. One such case has come up. Which shows the madness of his fans towards Dhoni. A fan named Ajay Gill from Haryana reached Ranchi and again covered a distance of 1436 km on foot to catch a glimpse of his hero. Ajay Gill crossed the distance on foot for the second time to catch a glimpse of his hero. Earlier, it took him 16 days to reach Ranchi on foot. This time it took him 18 days to reach on foot. When he first arrived on foot, he could not meet MS Dhoni.

However, this time it did not happen and his wish to meet his hero was fulfilled. According to reports, Dhoni met his fans and dropped them off at his farmhouse. He also gave her his autograph. In the Indian Premier League, Chennai Super Kings captain Dhoni ensured that his fans reached his home without any hindrance. Not only that, Mahi also arranged a flight ticket while sending Ajay Gill back to Haryana.
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Ajay Gill, 18, of Jalan Kheda in Haryana is a big fan of MS Dhoni. He is also known as Dhoni’s Jabbar Fan. He walked this distance for the second time in three months to meet Dhoni. After meeting Mahi, Ajay Gill said, “My life is blessed. Talking about himself, Ajay Gill said, “I swear I will not play cricket unless I get Dhoni’s blessings.” On August 15, 2020, I quit playing cricket with Dhoni. Now I will start playing cricket again. Ajay said that he has studied only up to standard 12. However, he pursues a career as a hair artist in his hometown.
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Ajay Gill also said that he wants to make his career in cricket. After receiving Dhoni’s blessings, he will start his career again. He was happy to come out of his farm house after meeting Dhoni. Ajay said that he is very happy to meet Dhoni. He has got a good result by walking 1436 kilometers. This picture of Ajay and Dhoni is also going viral on social media.

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