England will now play Test in the style of T20 too… Know why KKR coach said so

Mumbai: Kolkata Knight Riders assistant coach Abhishek Nayar feels the appointment of Brendon McCullum as the head coach of the England Test team will completely change the dressing room atmosphere. Now they will also play Test like T20. On Thursday, McCullum was appointed as the head coach of the England Test team, with his first assignment starting with the three-match home Test series against New Zealand in June.

He said, ‘With Ben Stokes being the captain of the team, I think he will see very aggressive and counter-attacking cricket. You will very much associate England with white-ball cricket. More stroke-making, a lot more positivity and risk will be seen playing cricket. It will be really exciting. McCullum is expected to step down as Kolkata’s head coach for England’s Test coaching role after the end of IPL 2022.

This will be the first time that former New Zealand captain McCullum will take charge of coaching an international team, that too in red-ball cricket. “I think McCullum will foster a sense of security and a new identity in the dressing room,” Nair said. You will recognize England as a team that plays a certain brand of cricket and you will see players playing as a team.

Former India cricketer Nair further explained how McCullum’s positive behavior will help the England Test team get back on track in the format after 16 losses in the last 17 matches. He said, ‘I can say that McCullum is the most positive person I have met. I keep telling them that I can reach your level of positivity anytime.

Nair admitted that he would be surprised to see McCullum take up the role of England’s red-ball coaching, as many have asked him to become a white-ball coach, a format where England are one of the best teams in the world. . But he feels the challenge of changing England’s Test squad may have drawn McCullum to the role. He said, ‘I was surprised that he was made the coach of the red ball instead of the white. But he always likes to challenge in life and I think he has accepted it as a big challenge to change such things.