‘Dinesh Karthik has broken up’ Will he get another chance? Rahul Dravid Action Response!

The South African team that came to India played in the five-match T20 series.

South Africa won the first two matches and suffered a series of defeats in the next two matches. As the series drew 2-2, the last match at the Chinnachamy Stadium in Bangalore was highly anticipated. But, the last match did not take place due to rain interruption.

The referees declared the series 2-2 due to the absence of Reserve Day. File distributed.

Dinesh Karthik Aparam:

Dinesh Karthik had high expectations for the series. It was an important series for him as he would be sidelined if he did not perform well in the series. He faced only two balls in the first match and was unbeaten on 30 in the next match.

Dinesh Karthik, who played the wrong shot in the next third match, was the match winner, crossing the half-century off 26 balls in the fourth match.

Rishabh Sotappal:

But, Rishabh Bandh is not like that. Continually got out in the off direction. Once upon a time spinners would plant when they saw him. But now Rishabh is the one to keep the ball in the middle. He is struggling to accumulate runs. Also, in the embarrassing situation, Audi automatically misses the wrong shots. Understanding the circumstances of the match, he was unable to play accordingly.

As a result, the expectation of which of the two will get a chance in the T20 World Cup series is already on the rise.

Interview with Dravid:

In this situation, Rahul Dravid has answered the question whether Dinesh Karthik will get a chance to continue. In it, ” he was selected for a particular talent. He has been performing excellently for the last two to three years. He is happy that his choice has been proven right. ”

“Everything came together in Rajkot. Then we needed a better innings to determine the right score. Karthik and Hardik Pandya did the job beautifully. Both are the best players of the Death Overs. Their talent is better than anyone in the world. ”

Will there be an opportunity?

Asked if Dinesh Karthik will get a chance to continue, Dravid said, “I am happy to see Karthik performing well. It opens the way for him to move forward. I will tell the players, do not knock on the door for the opportunity to break. Karthik has broken down the door. That was his innings in Rajkot. ”

Earlier, Rishabh had said that the ball was in the batting order. Thus, it has come to light that there is a fierce rivalry between Rishabh Bandh and Dinesh Karthik in the Indian T20 World Cup squad.

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