CSK vs GT: ‘How did they beat Gujarat?’…Dhoni’s masterclass captaincy: Cup for CSK too?

CSK vs GT: ‘How did they beat Gujarat?’…Dhoni’s masterclass captaincy: Cup for CSK too?

The target of 173 runs can be easily achieved at Chennai’s Chepakkam ground. That too, all this was considered a Latu target for the Gujarat team, which is a tiger in the chase. In the history of IPL, they have lost the chase only three times.

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Therefore, many believed that Gujarat would advance to the final after defeating CSK. But Dhoni is not one to give anything up easily. He is a person who can cope with what he has in hand, not thinking that we have scored low and that’s it. Dhoni’s style is to fight till the end.

Comment by Ravi Shastri:

That’s why Ravi Shastri, who gave an interview after CSK scored 172 runs, said, “CSK has scored only 172 runs. But with Dhoni’s great captaincy, he will make this target like chasing a target of 190 runs. The same thing happened in the end.

Dhoni, Gil Yuddham:

Dhoni prevented him from scoring too many runs in the power play. In particular, when Shubman Gill was batting, he stood near Stemp, forcing Gill to stand still and bat, unable to move his legs. Due to this, Gujarat team could not score big in the power play.

Attack with Spinners:

It was a condition where the fast bowlers could be smashed on the Chepauk pitch. Therefore, Dhoni captained well and kept both Ravindra Jadeja and Mahesh Dikshana bowling continuously and created a crisis. Both these things put a lot of pressure on the Gujarat team. Because of this, he was able to take successive wickets.

Against Rashid Khan:

When Rashid Khan swung into action in the final over, they hit Rashid Khan towards cover and took the catch. This is the pinnacle of Dhoni’s captaincy. Rashid Khan struggles to play big shots towards cover. Dhoni correctly predicted it and knocked it down.

White Yorker:

While the fast bowlers were not able to make much of an impact on Chepak, all the fast bowlers continued to bowl White yorkers and Whites in the final over. Thus, more whites went. But as planned, the fast bowlers bowled in White’s direction and restricted the runs.

Gujarat is king in chasing:

Even as Gujarat stumbled to 98/6, they eventually lost by 15 runs. This way, you can know how strong they are in chasing. In fact, if anyone other than Dhoni had captained this match, Gujarat team would have won, cricket critics believe that Dhoni, who captained so well, can definitely win the trophy.

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