CSK: ‘There are only 4 of you’… CSKA’s future: Save hope தோ Dhoni’s advice to players?

The 15th season of IPL is in full swing. A few days before the start of this season, Ravindra Jadeja was appointed as the captain of the Chennai Super Kings following the resignation of Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

The CSK team led by Jadeja had only 2 wins in the first 8 matches. Also, due to the pressure of the captaincy, Jadeja suffered badly in batting, bowling and fielding. In short, the farm has become out. Many warned that his place in the Indian team would be in question if this situation continued.

9th place:

Thus, he immediately resigned his captaincy and handed over the responsibility to Dhoni. Currently CSK led by Dhoni has 2 wins in 3 matches. Thus CSK has won 4 out of 11 matches in total and is in 9th position.

Even if they win the next 3 matches, they can only get 14 points. With up to 10 teams currently participating, 16 points is essential to advance to the playoffs. However, based on the net run rate, there is a 10 percent chance of going to the playoffs with 14 points.

Team Meeting:

In this context, a meeting of CSK players was held last night to discuss how they will function in the match against Mumbai Indians on Thursday. Speaking at the time, it was reported that Captain Dhoni praised the 4 young players. “We still have 3 matches left this season. The net run rate is going to determine the play-off round. Leave it at that. Do not stress over it. By playing naturally, we can continue to win. We have to accept whatever happens in the end. “

He added, “We have built a team for the next 10 years. Thus, there will be a stumbling block in the beginning. Rudraj Kejriwal, Devon Conway, Mahesh Deekshana and Mukesh Chaudhary are happy to continue to perform well. You are the future of CSK. There is confidence in you. I hope you will save it, ”Dhoni was quoted as saying.