CSK: ‘RCB Ready?’ … CSK Bowler ‘Other Level’ Interview: Let There Be Incident Today!

The 15th season of IPL is currently in full swing.

While the new teams Gujarat Titans and Lucknow Super Giants are doing well, the champions Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians have been badly beaten and remain in the last two places of the points table.

With the Mumbai Indians out of the play-off round, the Chennai Super Kings are on the verge of winning the next five matches.

The Royal Challengers Bangalore will play today. Batsman Rudraj Kejriwal is expected to return to action today. The other batsmen are playing without any shortcomings. But bowling is seen as a major problem for the team.

Newcomer Samarjit Singh did not make a big impact. Mukesh Chaudhary, who has been playing from the start, will be outplayed if he performs well in one match. If he fails in the upcoming matches, it is more likely to affect the team’s success and prevent them from going to the play – offs.

Thus, there is high expectation on Mukesh Chaudhary. Mukesh Chaudhary, who is currently interviewing a newspaper, has shared some important information. “Deepak Sahar has been playing for CSKA for some time. He is an amazing bowler. I am in touch with him. He keeps saying a lot of things. I did not bowl well in the opening matches. Only after Deepak Sahar gave me some tips did I continue to bowl better, ”he said.

He further said, “Deepak Sahar praised me when I took 4 wickets in the match against Sunrisers. Keep an eye on the pacemen, listen to Dhoni’s word and advise him to do as he says. Deepak Sahar relieved my stress. I have full confidence that I will perform immensely in the upcoming matches. The morale is high, ”he said.

Thus, there is an expectation of how Mukesh Chaudhry is going to act against RCB in today’s match.