CSK: ‘Is it the same place again?’

The 15th season of IPL is in full swing. In this, the defending champions Chennai Super Kings won only 2 out of the first 8 matches and remained in 9th position.

Jadeja’s captaincy was seen as the primary reason for these defeats. He suffered badly in batting, bowling and fielding due to the pressure of the captaincy. He could not lead the team better. Thus, the game of other players was also affected. Jadeja is likely to put more pressure on himself as he can only advance to the playoffs if he wins the next 6 matches.

Jadeja resigns:

Thus, to get rid of these pressures Jadeja has resigned his captaincy. Following this, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been re-appointed as captain. Under his leadership, CSK faced a strong Sunrisers Hyderabad team with a huge victory.

Pitch suitable for Ruduraj:

The main reason for this success is Rudraj Kejriwal. Vlasi smashed 99 runs to lift the score sharply. He has scored half-centuries (71) only once before this season. These two big scores were scored at the Pune ground. He continued to score only a handful of runs in the match played at the Mumbai grounds. Thus, it has come to light that the Pune ground is the zodiac ground for Ruduraj.

Regression to RCB:

This is bad news for the RCB. The next league match between CSK and RCB will be played tomorrow in Pune. If Rudraj shows action and scores big in the match too, it will severely affect RCB’s chances of victory. Also, the CSK players are in good spirits after beating the mighty Sunrisers. However, the RCB team is out of form in the last few matches, batting poorly and scoring only 68, 118 runs.

Putting these two things together like this, cricket critics believe that the chances of CSK winning are bright.