CSK: ‘Indappa Ruduraj’

The IPL 15th season 46th league match was played on the night. Chennai Super Kings and Sunrisers Hyderabad clashed. The Sunrisers won the toss and elected to bowl first.

CSK Innings:

In CSK, openers Rudraj Kejriwal and Devon Conway relaxed after playing the Power Player and then Aiden Markram and Umran Malik’s bowling.

Rudraj, who has struggled to hit the bull shots in the last few matches in particular, amazed Audi with his assault bull shots in this match. The straight drive was also immense. He eventually scored 99 off 57 balls, including six sixes and fours, and missed the century. Although he did not score a century, his return to form and the accumulation of runs have caused excitement among the fans.

Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, however, was not satisfied with Rudraj’s case. He has spoken openly at the team meeting that there is a major flaw in his game.

Dhoni talk:

The team meeting took place after the match last night. Speaking on the occasion, Dhoni said, “Openers Rudraj and Conway’s performance was excellent. Success would not have been possible if these two had not shown action. However, I see the Rudraj game as the only thing of concern here. He continues to stumble on Mumbai pitches.

“He has scored 73 and 99 only at the Pune grounds. The BCCI would have meticulously observed that after playing in only one of these venues, the other three venues (Mumbai) were in disarray. Thus, the opportunity may be missed. In the coming matches, please, it would be better to show action on the Mumbai pitches as well, ”he said. As Dhoni said, Rudraj has yet to score big (0,1,13, `16,17,0,30) at the Mumbai grounds.

Ruduraj confirmed:

It is learned that Rudraj also listened to Dhoni and said, “I will definitely do it.”

CSK scored 202/2 in the match, while the next batting Sunrisers lost by 13 runs, adding only 189/6. CSK will play Royal Challengers Bangalore in their next league match. It is noteworthy that the match will take place the next day.