CSK: ‘I’m leaving’ ஜ Jadeja leaving CSK? This is the reason … Dhoni is relieved!

In the 15th season of IPL, Chennai Super Kings, led by Ravindra Jadeja, lost badly and won only 2 of the first 8 matches. And Jadeja also got out of form.

Dhoni Captaincy:

Thus, he immediately resigned his captaincy and handed over the responsibility to Dhoni. Currently CSK led by Dhoni has 2 wins in 3 matches. Thus CSK has won 4 out of 11 matches in total and is in 9th position.

Even if they win the next 3 matches, they can only get 14 points. With up to 10 teams currently participating, 16 points is essential to advance to the playoffs. However, based on the net run rate, there is a 10 percent chance of going to the playoffs with 14 points.

CSK is set to play its next league match against Mumbai Indians. The players are undergoing intensive training for tomorrow’s match.

Injury to Jadeja:

It has been reported that Jadeja will miss the rest of the tournament due to injury. Jadeja was injured while fielding in the match against RCB. Following this, he did not play in the match against Delhi Capitals. It has been reported that only half of his injury has healed. CSK doctors have warned that if he takes part in the next match with this injury, it will become a big issue for Jadeja.

Dhoni peace:

As a result, Jadeja refused to accept the medical team’s request that he retire from the rest of the tournament. Following this, it has been reported that Dhoni has to agree. Thus, Jadeja is expected to leave the medical care circle tonight and go home.

Good news:

Jadeja is currently out of form. Going for a long rest will get you refreshed. Thus, cricket critics believe that when he plays for the next Indian team, he is likely to show action as the old Jadeja again.